Democracy Under Siege

In his drastic novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (1949), which was written in the bleak aftermath of the Second World War, George Orwell adjured: “Big Brother is watching you.”1 Depicting the appalling system of a totalitarian government, the phrase adversely means the intrusive surveillance, forceful control, manipulation, and suppression of individual liberties of the populace in favor … Continue reading Democracy Under Siege

Duterte and China: The aspiration for Independent Foreign Policy

The Philippine-China relations, with the former’s sycophancy and deference to the latter, isn’t getting any better but is rather becoming more intoxicating as the world changes its focus towards the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Ephemeral Knowledge

    Only the apathetic, the insensitive, and the imperious would deny the obvious, that these startling realities are scourging the mental health of the people, especially the poor. The impoverished people may not know about their mental health, but they are indubitably suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Further, these mental health pathologies, induced and/or aggravated by the existing pandemic, are even a much larger problem than physical health security. In fact, many of us are risking our physical health in bargain for mental solace.

Should we return to the “old normal”?

The hopes of getting back to “normal” are shattered as this pandemic shows no signs of stopping. The President extends the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) from April 14 to April 30 in Luzon, the biggest island of the Philippines and the worst-hit area in the country. This will affect more than 50% of the entire … Continue reading Should we return to the “old normal”?

A Complicated Problem Necessitates a Complex Solution

The world is still too young to fix many general truths in politics. ~ David Hume The occurring global pandemic is massively causing social phobia with governments imposing draconian measures and regulations to contain the dispersion of the highly infectious virus. The cases have already reached the million mark with thousands of fatalities each day … Continue reading A Complicated Problem Necessitates a Complex Solution

The Setbacks of the Solution

The greatest tragedy of a story is when a perceived hero turns out to be the villain.       As the people clamor for basic commodity assurance from the government, the government should not sway away from their focus on maintaining regular sanitation to all health care facilities, lest we follow the demise of … Continue reading The Setbacks of the Solution

Well-handled Governance or Testing Kits Scarcity

A bittersweet phenomenon is happening here in the city. The local government of Cebu City has surprisingly not declared any positive cases until now, which spawns out dual feelings and different speculations. From the outset of this pandemic, the national government has announced already that testing kits for COVID19 are largely inadequate. This prompted the … Continue reading Well-handled Governance or Testing Kits Scarcity